5 ways to make bathing your newborn baby a special activity

5 ways to make bathing your newborn baby a special activity

I'll never forget that feeling while I watched my newborn getting washed by the nurse in hospital. It was one of those get it done quick and ignore the noise types of moments, and as a new mom, it made me feel very anxious for when I had to do this activity at home with my newborn. Yikes - as if breastfeeding, recovery post birth, real.live.human baby to look after wasn't daunting enough! So here's how and why Little Bear was created - bath time doesn't need to be a daunting activity, and once I had my baby bath lilo then it quickly became the special and bonding activity I had hoped for. My dream for this product is to help other parent's to mimic the same emotions around bath time, and here's a short guideline on what I would suggest.

  1. Create a calm environment. Dim the lights or light some lavender scented candles. Your baby has had a full day, and as bath time is often the start to winding down for bedtime - we suggest keeping things as calm and peaceful as possible. 
  2. Make sure your water is warm (37°C), and flip your baby bath lilo a few times in the water so that it's wet
  3. Place your baby comfortably in their baby bath lilo; bum first in the insert that dips in to the water and their head above the water, on the cushion. (*The top of the lilo is where the tag is)
  4. Soak a face cloth in the bath water and place over your baby's body to keep them warm and snug. In between washing, use your hand to pour water over their body's so that they don't get cold
  5. Now this is important! Stay close, and use this quiet moment to look in to your baby's eyes. They couldn't love you more, and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. Create a bonding and special space for both baby and parent

After bath time, if the mood is still calm, then give your baby a massage on their changing mat. Depending on your baby, you could focus on one area or you could do a full body massage. Look up the 'I Love U' massage, or it'll most probably be taught to you in your moms and babes class.

A small tip for when you're caring for your baby after bath time - keep a fan heater on your changing table and switch it to warm while you're massaging or dressing your baby. 

Products that we recommend for bathing your newborn:

(and all found on Little Bear's site)

Baby Bath Lilo 

Face Cloth

Pure Beginnings Soothing Baby Wash & Shampoo (or try the probiotic range)

Hooded Towel

Pure Beginnings Baby Body Lotion or Pure Beginnings Baby Massage & Bath Oil

Magnetic Munchkin Romper

Try a pacifier if they need a soother. We stock BIBS & FRIGG on our site

Swaddle them up in an Aden+Anais blanket for bedtime 

Shop them here: https://www.littlebearonline.co.za/

*Please note, this blog post is from one Mama to another. I am not a medical expert, and this is not a safety product. 

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