Collection: Pacifier & Bottle Accessories

We have collected a range of pacifier and bottle accessories and stock them all on our site.

If you are already a fan of the high quality pacifiers from BIBS, then you will love their bottles and accessories too. Their glass bottle sets are made in borosilicate glass and are designed to mimic the mother’s soft nipple in shape and size, support natural breastfeeding, and prevent “nipple”-confusion if breastfeeding and supplementing with a bottle.

Our range of dummy/pacifier clips are cost-effective add-ons - most likely sewn and created by Bear herself.

This range is always evolving, and as we find new products that we know moms and babies/toddlers will love, we add them in here. Afterall - Bear, our founder, is a mom herself and Little Bear has always been an extension of what she has loved for her own children.