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Pure Beginnings

Gentle Berry Toothpaste

Gentle Berry Toothpaste

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Fluoride free.

The Pure Beginnings Gentle Berry Toothpaste is fluoride-free and designed for children up to the age of three. Formulated with a fantastic, natural berry flavour to appeal to the taste buds of little ones, our toothpaste will help get kids into the routine of brushing their teeth regularly – without being put off by the strong minty flavours designed for adults.

- Xylitol – helps inhibit the bacteria that cause tooth decay. 

- Calcium Carbonate – mild abrasive to protect infant enamel whilst brushing.

- Kaolin – gentle clay abrasive to help safely remove plaque whilst brushing.

- Age 0-3 years, but may be also be used by children older than that.

- Non-toxic if swallowed.

- Fluoride-free.

- SLS-free.

- Certified organic ingredients.

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